Jimmys Old Town Tavern Herndon

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  • March 6, 2015
  • By dineoutsavers
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Jimmys Old Town Tavern Herndon

The town of Hemdon sits on land that once belonged to Robert “King” Carter Jr. and Thomas Barnes through King’s grants. Originally a small crossroads and farming community, it began to grow in importance as the port city of Alexandria was looking to expand the Loudoun & Hampshire railroad during the mid 1850’s. The rail depot was built in 1857, and the rail lines reached Herndon in 1859. More buildings and stores were built as people moved into the area. Soon a small town developed with dairy farming as the main industry. On July 13,1858, the town was named Herndon after Captain William Lewis Herndon, a Naval hero who went down with his ship, the “Central America”, on September 12, 1857. The building Jimmy’s is in is believed to have been built in 1897, and was originally both a Tavern and a General Store. Many tenants and businesses have come and gone since 1897 including a grocery store, sporting goods store, and a butcher shop! Some local residents will tell you the story of Walter, a friendly ghost who resides here at Jimmy’s ! After countless hours of planning and renovating, proprietors Jimmy, Maureen, and Kelsey Cirrito opened Jimmy’s doors on May 29,1997, and are happy to bring a bit of history back to downtown Herndon — Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern. We at Jimmy’s sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the oak, brass, and antiques, as well as our commitment to impeccable service and products.

Jimmy’s is located at
697 Spring St.
in Old Town Herndon VA.
on the corner of Elden and
Spring Streets


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